Colorbitor is a new media lab.

We explore the possibilities of new technology to create meaningful experiences in cultural and commercial projects.


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  • Dorna Window of Hope
    Dorna Window of Hope

    Interactive installation for Dorna Romania.

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  • Chronovisor

    An AR application that adds a layer of archival footage on the same spots in the city were they were shot.

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  • Video Showreel
    Video Showreel

    CGI, 2D&3D animation, seamless visual effects and video production.

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  • Romanian Pavilion @ Yeosu
    Romanian Pavilion @ Yeosu

    The digital installations created for the Romanian Pavilion at the 2012 International Exposition in Yeosu, Korea.

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  •  Coca Cola Sharing Music
    Coca Cola Sharing Music

    Interactive installation for Coca Cola Romania

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  • Lidl Valentine’s Kiss
    Lidl Valentine’s Kiss

    Interactive installation for Lidl Romania

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Linear, generative, reactive & interactive content across channels and touchpoints to the empowered new media audience.



About us

Structured as a multi-disciplinary hub, Colorbitor is a company that designs and implements digital media projects.

Gaining the insights into both worlds: Visual/ Digital Arts and Communication Studies, we experiment with the expressive and social implications of the future technologies and techniques.